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Here are 11 Excellent reasons that You will be
VERY happy with Essex Cottage Farms Health Products!

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Happy Owner

Healthy Pet

1.  GUARANTEED RESULTS:  Change to one of our Health Diets (or Kibble Boost'r if you like your current diet) & you'll see the difference in as little as 2 weeks.  Watch your dog transform into a healthy vibrant pet in as little as 3 weeks. 
You will love the results!

Give it a try for 2 short months and you'll never go back to your old ways!
1.  TEETH & DENTAL:  Dogs fed our food exclusively do not develop tartar on their teeth. People always question feeding a 'soft' food & want to know what they should do to prevent tartar build up while on our food. The answer is simple: just do nothing at all! If you feed our food exclusively to your dog it will not have gum & tooth problems or bad breath.
2.  ONLY REAL WHOLE FOODS: We only use whole foods for whole all natural health.  You see what goes into your dog's food, guaranteeing excellent human grade foods.  You will be able to depend on 2 decades of experience behind our professionally developed diets to keep your pet healthy.
You'll have confidence knowing you are feeding the best diet:  fresh whole foods.
2.  COAT & SKIN:   There will be improvements over ANY commercially prepared foods, frozen, canned, dry, homemade or other pre-mixes.
Coat will become more shiny, skin more supple & there will be less shedding. Cracked & dry pads clear up & pads remain healthy - & that's just the beginning!  Over the long term you will have an all-round healthier & happier pet.
3.  FAST & EASY TO PREPARE:  It's fast & easy to prepare (we promised you'll be delighted!).  Designed for these busy times, you can make weeks or months ahead of time, each batch easily divides into daily portions &  it freezes well. 
We'll supply you with easy to follow instructions with each package.
3.  MUSCLE TISSUE & CONDITIONING:   Our food is so nutritious & highly digestible that all the elements go right into building & repairing tissue. With proper conditioning & exercise, dogs reach & maintain peak conditioning easily while on our food.  If your dog is overweight, give our diets a try & follow the feeding guidelines & your dog will gradually lose the extra weight and will be much healthier for it.
4.  SOMETHING FOR ALL AGES:  Because you can adjust the protein & fat levels (full instructions come with each package) & because our diets have been so perfectly formulated, our food can be fed to any dog, young or old.  OUR DIETS ARE PERFECT FOR OLDER AND YOUNGER DOGS ALIKE.
If you want to feed it to pregnant or lactating bitches or puppies, use our Puppy Formulation.
4.  ENERGY & METABOLISM:  Dogs are less hyper. They maintain healthy levels of energy depending on what you expect from them. House dogs are easier to live with. Working dogs are able to maintain high energy levels & because our food does not make them hyper, they are more easily trained & can stay focused.  It helps your dog maintain a healthy metabolism.
5.  CONVENIENT: No more fussing with cans of food, carrying heavy dog food bags, extra supplements or worrying about balance.  We offer convenient home delivery when you ORDER ONLINE from us through our secure server, or you can visit one of our many qualified Retailers 5.  STOOL & URINE:  Stool consistency improves & the volume is greatly reduced over ANY commercial preparation. The urine & feces don't smell as strong with dogs on our food as they do on other dog foods; this is because our product consists of top quality human grade ingredients, contains absolutely no additives, preservatives or dyes & because of the highest level of digestibility.
6.  ADDED VALUE - SAVE YOUR MONEY !!: Your costs are reduced. Monthly, our food costs less than feeding a premium commercially prepared dog food, canned or dry & COMMERCIALLY PREPARED PRESCRIPTION DIETS. If your veterinarian has recommended a special 'Prescription diet' for your dog we may be able to give you a Healthy alternative.
Because your dog stays healthier, trips to the vet are also reduced, saving you money & less suffering for your pet!
6.  EAR PROBLEMS:  Ears stay free from excessive wax & do not smell.
If your dog has recurring yeast infections (signs are ear discharge), we offer a superb Hypoallergenic Health Food Diet that will help.  Chronic yeast infections are most often caused by allergies.
7.  VARIETY:  Our nutrient-rich mixes allow you to choose your own meats & veggies.   They allows you to feed exactly what you want & also allows you to choose what is best for your dog & your budget. This is very helpful for dogs with allergies to certain meats. Choose your own method of feeding: Raw, Baked, Fresh or Frozen, you can choose the perfect Health Diet for your individual dog.  The choice is yours! HEALTH TIP: The average cost of teeth cleaning is $200.00US, it's usually done twice a year & your dog risks death every time it's given the anesthesia.  Did you know that good fresh food diet will improve dental hygiene & those expensive & dangerous treatments can be eliminated?
Give one of our all natural diets a try and see for yourself.
8.  NO MORE SUPPLEMENTS:  There is NO need for expensive Vitamin & Mineral Supplements when you use our all natural Health Diets,  (unless prescribed by your Holistic Vet).   There is NO NEED TO SUPPLEMENT when you feed our nutrient rich Mixes.   7.  TASTE & APPETITE:  Our foods are so delicious your finicky dog's appetite will improve.  You choose your own ground meat & veggies to suit your dog's individual taste.  Your fussy dog will love eating again! 
9. HELP WITH OTHER DIETS:  If you choose to feed another diet (kibble, frozen or homemade) you can use our Kibble Boost'r to give you the piece of mind you are adding the perfect natural compliment to your dog's diet. 8.  DIGESTION & GASTROINTESTINAL:  Our diets are all very digestible & our Gastro Diet is especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  

10.  HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES TO PRESCRIPTION DIETS:  We offer several dietary options for you if your dog is on a Prescription Diet.  Your dog will thrive on these diets while you save money!
Variety: although your dog may need a special diet, you will still be able to offer the widest  variety of fresh foods the diet allows!
9.  TRAUMA RECOVERY:  If your dog is recovering from surgery, our Gastro Diets are your is ideal choice. Feed it in small portions the day you bring your friend home from the vet & he will be getting top nutrition in a very digestible form. This will aid the healing process.  It encourages a strong and healthy immune system to promote health.
11.  HOUSE TRAINING PUPPIES:  House training is much easier, while using our "Healthy Start" Puppy Health Diet  stool volume is greatly reduced &  house-training will progress much faster. 10. NO MORE FOOD ALLERGIES:   If your dog suffers from food allergies, you should try our Hypoallergenic Diet.  You will be able to resolve your dog's food allergies with he help of our easy-to-follow 'Elimination Diet'.    (We also offer an all natural Hypoallergenic Diet for Puppies)
NOT READY FOR ONE OF OUR HEALTH DIETS YET? :  We can still help!   To increase the nutritive value of your commercial kibble, canned or frozen, or homemade food, our ready-to-serve whole food all natural  "KIBBLE BOOST’R" Whole Food Dietary Supplement will compliment your dog's diet perfectly.   Highly digestible & nutritious, it raises your commercially prepared dog food to almost the level of our "Miracle Mixes."

 IT'S SO FAST & EASY !!   You can make it fresh daily, weekly or monthly, it freezes well.
There's no need to worry about meticulous measuring or having dozens of exotic ingredients on hand.   FEED RAW OR BAKED.
We make this food for our kennel of dogs every day.
Because of our limited time,
we have developed a food that is as fast & easy to prepare as it is nutritious!  
It takes less time to prepare one of our diets than it takes to boil water. 
What are you waiting for?


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Y for Life!          Y for Health!        Y for Vitality

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