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M. Dunkel, California                                      

Joanna Muelle, Marquette,  Michigan:  Until I found out about Essex Cottage Farms, my dogs were always at the vet for one thing or another.  Sasha, my German Shepherd, was diagnosed with colitis as a pup.  She would suffer from bouts of diarrhea and vomiting.  I tried different dog kibbles with no improvement.  I finally found out about ECF and gave it a try.  My dog never vomited again or had diarrhea!  The food is so totally digestible we didn't even have to change the diet over gradually.  We quit feeding kibble one day and started on ECF the next and no diarrhea.

 My male shepherd had allergies and would scratch so much, sometimes all night when on kibble.  I would bring him to the vet for cortisone shots which only helped temporarily and eventually didn't help at all.  Since being on ECF, he has not had the need to get anymore cortisone shots and has stopped itching all together.  My dogs love this food and have never turned down one meal!  Their coats are thicker and shinier, they have brighter eyes, they are more relaxed, I could go on and on.  I'm impressed with ECF and wouldn't feed my dogs anything else.

Hannah Sawyer, Canada:
I wanted to share my testimonial with others:  'Annie' had a very strange condition (along with a lot of medical problems), always one thing or another.  Outside of the complete tharaceostomy she has, she had the difficulty of not being able to 'poop'.  No, it was not hard feces, she just could not go & would strain & strain for hours on end, and at times would niot be able to go for 3 or more days.  Of course we had many, many vet trips & many medicinations, , none worked.  Vets gave me vety prescribed diets, they would cause runny stool or no change at all.  Some vets almost dismissed this issue, thinking I was over-reacting, but they were not the person outside in the middle of the night with Annie in the freezing snow storm, watching her trying to go & could not even after 20 or more minutes of trying.  THis went on for months on end & my poor dog would be so bloated & uncomfortable that I would resort to glycerine suppositories etc. 

Ann Knight, Minden, ON (again!):
Hope you are well. I am e-mailing to brag about my new puppy , who has been on your food since I got him in May. Benson ( Blue Sheltie,breeder, Jo Ann Pavey) was entered in his first dog show this past week in Bracebridge, Ontario. Well, our Benson finished his Championship in 3 days, taking BPIS (Best Puppy In Show) all three days and two Herding group 1's.!  What an exciting time , I think it is now just sinking in!!!
We are going to let Benson mature now and maybe I  will bring him out later as a Special, we'll see, to be honest he was a champion before we started! Thanks for letting me brag.  .....ttys.Ann

Carol Gravestock, Bullmarket French Bulldogs: We've tried several holistic foods over the years, but our incredibly finicky French Bulldogs inevitably refuse to eat them. We finally tried Essex Cottage Farms, and finally have found something they love! It's so important to me to be able to control the ingredients in the food my dogs eat, and with yours I have something that they love, and that I feel good about feeding. I've written at length about the horrors of commercial foods, and am so thrilled to find a locally produced food that lets me feed home cooked, and yet still know that I'm giving my dogs a complete diet.
I am now proudly announcing on our web site that the Bullmarket French Bulldogs are fed exclusively on Essex Cottage Farms foods. PS -Interestingly, via our live French Bulldog puppy web cam, viewers will be able to see the pups being weaned onto Essex
Cottage Farms when they're a bit older. Thanks again, Carol Gravestock Bullmarket French Bulldogs -
French Bulldog puppy cam, Frenchie Flash games, French Bulldog,breed history, canine nutrition,etc.

J. K.  IL & 'Lloyd'
I am feeding Burns Natural dog food kibble and like it, but when a friend told me to give your Kibble Boost'r a try with the kibble I couldn't believe the difference it made.  My dog got better skin and coat and he went from being super fussy to eating all is food.  He's put on the weight he needed. Thank you Essex Farms for your caring about Lloyd!  If your supplement is this good, I know your Health Diets must be as good as I've heard!   I'm going to give them a try when things slow down with by work.  I know the food I'm feeding now isn't as good as yours, but at least we have your Kibble Boost'r!  God Bless and thank you again.

M.K. (ON):
"I am so upset, I just spent over $2,000.00 on vet bills having tests run on my Sheltie. My dog has suffered with poor health & poor weight gain for over 2 years. A breeder I know recommended your Health Food Mix so I gave it a try. After 3 weeks on your food, I went back to the vet college for more blood & urine tests. After a few days the vet's office called & asked me to come again for more tests. We re-did the tests & after a few more days the vet called & said that all the levels were normal. The vet was very confused, he had the tests done a second time because he thought there was a mistake since the values were normal for the first time in 2 years, he assumed the lab had made a mistake! "My dog is health now & I wish I had found your food 2 years ago so it would have prevented my dog from suffering & it would have saved me a fortune in vet bills. I am so angry at those vets!

Wanda Crawford: I want to thank everyone who answered my questions when I was looking into feeding ECF hypo diet, especially at the Pet Health Hotline at Essex Cottage Farms.  My pap, Tristan, has been on it for only five days, but already I have noticed a difference.  While he is still scratching, it is greatly demised.  He is not leaving large amounts of hair on the carpet.  But the most noticeable is that he is not 'hyper' anymore.  He is still alert, and if you whisper the right word at him, he is at your feet like a shot.  He has lots of energy and still loves to play fetch by the hour.  But he is now able to just lay down without fidgeting anymore.  I tried this diet sort of as a last resort, but now I am not planning on trying anything else.  THANK YOU to everyone who suggested I give it a try.   Wanda Crawford
Can. Ch. Larmaro's Wiellas Antique Gold - 'AJ' - American Cocker Spaniel
Newtopaz Tryst N Shout Wynford, FDCh., ADC. - 'Tristan' - Papillon

Angi Kelly Toronto, Ont V.P. Golden Horseshoe APBT Club: Thank-you to Essex Cottage Farms, I own three American Pit Bull Terriers, my 2yr old has had skin and digestive problems since I bought him home. I started your food one year ago and after 2 months he had no problems and no trips to the vet. My 1yr old has been on ECF since he was 3 months, I have never had any problems with him, now my newest pup is on the puppy diet and he is thriving! my pup is out of a Blue blood line and prone to skin problems, at 6 months he has won a few ribbons already, his coat is shiny and soft. I highly recommend this food to everyone I talk to, the dogs drool over it! Thank-you again.  Angi

K. Saunders
Pictures speak a thousand words, what more can be said: this is a picture of one of my female puppies (one of many that I have raised on ECF Health Foods) winning her first Best of Breed at the tender age of 6 months old!
I am on my second generation raised on your diets and the results are absolutely fantastic!

Thank you Essex Cottage Farms for making such a wonderful product! Karen.

Wanda VanDeman (Texas):
Punkin, my little 5 lb. Yorkie, continues to do much better than she has in weeks since I put her on your food. We still don't have a definite diagnosis from my Vet as to just what is wrong with her. He is doing tests for Porto systemic Shunt, Pancreatic Tumor, or Blockage & Addison's Disease, the tests are being doe at A & M.  I am totally sold on your food & truly believe that it has played a major part in saving her life recently. I was feeding her premium kibble that sounded very nutritious & it had no chemical preservatives. She had a serious problem with low blood sugar all her life & was diagnosed as just hypoglycemia when she was a puppy. Before we changed to your food, she was so weak all she would do was sleep all the time & was constantly having small seizures (her glucose had fallen to 35). My vet said she would not live until the end of the year. At that point I put her on your food & within a week she began to play like a puppy again for short periods. After 2 weeks she was friskier than she had been for weeks & the Vet did a glucose test again, she has improved. I believe your food will keep her going strong until we have a definite diagnosis & can find either a cure or treatment for her problem.
My Vet said the treatment may be nothing more than what I am doing now, using your food & feeding her 3 times a day.
Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. I intend never to feed Punkin anything else for the rest of her life. Sincerely, Wanda.

J. Gray, CDA: I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help with Butter ,my struvite stone boy. What you have done with him is allowed us to give him a fairly normal quality of life considering he is so sick. Thanks to your special diet Please keep up the wonderful work on the diets because without caring dedicated people like you,  dogs like him couldn't live a normal life..
I just wanted to let you know that he is now finished hi Championship at the age of 17 months.
Thanks again !!

Jane Jeffries, Pet Food Store Manager & pet owner, Toronto, Ontario:
Well it's been about a month or so since Romeo (our elderly Italian Greyhound) started eating his "fountain of youth health food", Oops, I mean 'Essex Cottage Farms'! He has gotten so energetic lately it's like having a puppy. My boyfriend is still in shock at how healthy he is. It didn't make sleep any less because that's his favorite thing to do, but now when he's awake he is so energetic & playful.  This food is so great that in the time he has been eating it, a small growth that looked like a wart, has almost completely healed. His coat looks like satin & feels even smoother. My boyfriend said he hasn't seen Romeo look this well in a long time. To make a long story short, Romeo would like to say thank you for the great food & that he never wants to eat anything else ever again.

Frank Cardwell, Mississauga:
Thank you very much for you concern, advice & caring during our difficult time with Checkie (our Landseer Newfoundland). Your exceptional formulation was instrumental in stabilizing her condition until her pancreatic problem was identified by a specialist. In effect, you saved her life until the vet was able to recommend the appropriate treatment for her.
She is thriving on your food, without it she would have died.

Sharyn Wilson (Mexico): (excerpts from 3 testimonials)
I've used Essex Cottage Farms products for some time now & have been thrilled with the results. We live in Mexico & the stool is turned into a pile that looks like compost overnight by the bugs (unlike other products, seems like even the bugs find it completely digestible!) On a more serious note: It's an easy natural way to feed. Because of the total lack of ethics in the pet food industry, the only security you have is to put all the ingredients together yourself or buy 'Essex Cottage Farms' Health Food Mixes. I use Essex Cottage Farms because I KNOW the people behind the product and it has my renowned holistic vet's blessing and because my dogs thrive on it! This is such an excellent product that I have it sent from Canada to here in Mexico. It may be a little more expensive than the (premium kibble) but it works out in the end by the ease of preparation & the excellent results in the health of my dogs.

Peggy Allen, JustWait Reg. Kennels, Pugs:
Thank you for producing a "miracle food"!
for the past 3 years, I have struggled endlessly with food related allergies with one of my Pugs. Constant food changes, supplements, vitamins, etc. that my vet recommended did nothing to ease my dog's suffering. Some reactions were so bad that my dog would scratch himself raw. Needless to say, training was difficult and showing was almost impossible. Then I heard about your dog food from a fellow dog fancier.  Just five weeks on your Hypoallergenic Health Food Mix & I have a new dog! The itching has stopped, his skin & coat have never looked better, his shedding has reduced, and his weight management in under control. I showed the 'new him' recently & brought home a nice Group Placement. NO more constant trips to the vet for antibiotics and other medications!
The food is easy to make, freezes well and is very convenient. I feel confident that my dog is now getting the proper nutrition & balance of vitamins & protein he needs. The food not only looks good - it smells good too! My husband often says "either supper smells great or you just baked a batch of dog food."
Now I have switched all of my Pugs onto your Essex Cottage Farms Formulations - even the puppies! I have never seen better weight management, nicer coats & all around healthier dogs, including the total elimination or urinary & thyroid problems!
Thank you again for producing a true "miracle food" Your sincerely, Peggy Allen

Ann Knight, Country Canine Obedience & Agility, Minden, Ontario:
A year ago my 8 month old Sheltie was diagnosed with congenital kidney problems. Her future did not look bright. I began making my own dog food & noticed a major difference over a period of months. When I heard about your product, I was skeptical, but thought I would try the reduced phosphorous that you recommended. Well, I just got back her blood results & she is within the normal range with all her levels. Over the past 5 months I have gotten back 3 normal testings, so I know it isn't just a fluke. My vet says we are now looking at normal life expectancy, thanks to your food. My 11 year old Sheltie looks & acts like a youngster & shows no signs of slowing down. We are involved in performance activities & my dogs need to be in excellent condition & must have excellent stamina, they have both on this food (plus they love the taste & they also look great). It is easy to make, I do a month at a time & know it's balanced, something I could not always be sure of when I was making my own from scratch. Thank you for your help & keep up the good work. Yours sincerely, Ann Knight PS my friend's 13 year old Yorkie is acting like a puppy again & her 9 year old Border Collie looks fantastic.

Dr. Janet Doerr (USA):
I just wanted to make sure that you got my order for the 10 kg of Hypoallergenic Health Food Mix...Stormy my Boxer, has been doing incredibly well - she has not had one bout of colitis since she started the diet (except one minor incident when she ate a cat toy) She seems like a different dog - happy and playful all the time. Needless to say, I am thrilled! (And very much relieved.) I have certainly been happy with the results and believe Stormy has a chance at a normal life because of your excellent food. Thank you so much for all your help. I would like to set up a standing order so that we never run out! Again, thanks for all the help. Janet.

Margaret Humphrey (WA, USA)
We made up the dog food last night and it went well. My son (age 11) helped me mix it up and he thought it looked and smelled so good --he wanted to know if he could eat it too!!!.......(from a later communication)...Tucker (my Corgi) is doing very well & loves his new diet. He looks great!

Heike (Waterdown, ON):
Thanks for the reply, I did get the food from Renee at Ryan's Quality Pet Foods in Waterdown, they were very helpful. So far I am just thrilled about this food as it puts into a neat package everything I've been trying to gather myself. The dogs LOVE it and you'd think it was a falafel mix the way the house smells when it was baking...will keep in touch about the progress...Heike

Diana Barber (Illinois,USA)
I just finished my first order of the special blend you guys made for Oliver. He has been doing super. His itching has greatly reduced & he has too much energy. He's supposed to be nine, but he is acting like a puppy! Maybe I should demand a refund! Seriously, I need more food, I will fax you the details on your 24 Hr. Fax Order Line. Thanks!

Michael Caponigro (USA):
We received the Health Food Mix & Health Biscuit Mix last week. Reba (our German Shepherd Dog) just loves it & for the first time she is REALLY EATING every day. I would like to place another order...

Gail Di Pietrantonio (BC):
Success! Quigley ate the food! He is such a picky eater & as he is a Chinese Crested (hairless) he needs extra protein. Good News! I made it with ground lamb as & now both my dogs are eating the same thing. I have to tell you that my husband & I are both on a juice fast & the food smelled so good when it was cooking we were both salivating. It feels good to feed your pets something that you would eat yourself, that actually smells like food and not some disgusting junk that you have to plug your nose to open the can.
I would like to recommend something about making the cookies with the Essex Cottage Farms Health Biscuit Mix, instead of rolling them out on a floured board & cutting them with cookie cutters, I patted them out by hand on a greased cookie sheet & cut them with a knife. It was really easy & fast & I cut the squares small enough for my little dogs. I just wanted to share this idea for others with small dogs.

Linda Kettlewell: breeder of Cairn Terriers (Brampton, Ontario):
"I have used Essex Cottage Farms Health Food Mixes for over three years now, and my Cairn Terriers are thriving.
My twelve-year-old is like a pup again - her body is no longer flabby, her muscle tone is better and she is still game for a 4-mile walk.
My 2 1/2 year old was on the Puppy Health Food Mix all through her pregnancy and popped out 6 puppies (ranging between 6 & 7 ounces each) in 95 minutes. She fed them entirely by herself with in supplemental feedings of the puppies on my part.
The food is easy to prepare - I do this once a month then cut up and freeze it in individual cubes. Each night I take out of the freezer the number of cubes I will need for the next day, and they defrost in the 'fridge' overnight. My dogs really look forward to their mealtimes!
My dogs' coats are hard - as terrier coats are meant to be - shining with good health!
I recommend this food to all dog owners & breeders."

Sharon Macdonald, Owner of Bedlington Terrier (Ontario):
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dog food product. I called and spoke to you a couple of months ago about your food. I told you at the time that my Bedlington Terrier was ill with a liver disease where he is not capable of processing Copper at normal capacity. I have had him on your food for two months and he is now back to normal. During his illness he lost almost a quarter of his body weight. He has gained it all back and is now lively and happy. He looks forward to every meal. My vet is amazed with the results. Thanks for a great product. Sharon Macdonald

Don Patton, breeder of German Rottweilers (Scarborough, Ontario):
"I am a breeder & importer of German Rottweilers here in Canada. Because of the value of my dogs, I must feed them the best food I can. After seeing the natural way the Germans feed their dogs, I came back to Canada with the same attitude. I decided to find a healthier dog food that was healthier than the commercial kibble I had been feeding up until that point. I had met Catherine Woodliffe of Essex Reg'd & Essex Cottage Farms several years earlier through my Schutzhund club & was very impressed with her knowledge of nutrition & the outstanding conditioning of her working/show dogs. Within a year of that meeting & after my trip to Germany I contacted her for information on her food. The rest is history: I have been making & feeding Essex Cottage Farms homemade Health Foods exclusively for my Rottweilers for over 2 years now. I am very happy with it. Their coats are outstanding, their stools are compact & small, my bitches have produced successful & healthy litters, my dogs are happy & healthy.
I cannot say enough about this food. I recommend it to all my clients & I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in feeding this excellent dog food to their pet.

Colin Colby, Owner of two Rottweilers (Scarborough, Ontario):
"One of our 120 lb. Rottweilers developed a very serious stomach/gastrointestinal problem that caused him to vomit all the time. After we took him to a veterinarian Specialist, he was put on a special prescription diet that did help him keep the food down. After a Rottweilers breeder heard about our dog's problem, highly recommended we try a homemade dog food made with the Essex Cottage Farms Health Food Mix. We took his advice & he was 100% right! Not only has our dog stopped vomiting, but he looks great. He has never had such a nice coat or been so healthy.
We have both of our Rotty's on Essex Cottage Farms Health Food & we are very pleased with the results.
We would highly recommend to any one who cares about their dog's nutrition."

Darnell White: Owner of "Watchee" (Toronto, Ontario):
"We love the food. Our dog has never looked better. She used to be so hyper, on the food she has calmed right down."

Don Panchuk, Alaskan Malamute owner (Toronto, Ontario):
"I have been feeding this food for over 5 years. She does really well on it. I have noticed the biggest difference in her coat, she doesn't shed as much as she used to & it is much more shiny. She used to vomit all the time on the other food, she stopped that since I switched foods.
At one point we decided to change her food. We selected the best premium kibble on the market & what a mistake. It took me a week to get her stomach to settle down. I thought she was sick, we took her to the vet & the vet recommended his special food. When we got home I called my breeder for her opinion & she told me to come over to her kennel to pick up some of her prepared Essex Cottage Farms food for her. I did & the diarrhea & vomiting stopped overnight. I had no idea that diet was so important to my dog's health & I had no idea how excellent a product the Essex Cottage Farms was until I stopped using it."

Duanne Dunn, owner of "Roxy" (Toronto, Ontario):
"I have a very bust schedule & I never have time to cook for myself; I always have time took for Roxy though! Yes, it's true, my dog eats better than I do!  I really like the results of feeding the Essex Cottage Farms homemade dog food. She is in perfect health & looks really good.  It is a really good food."

B. Fredrick, owner of Raider & Joshua both loveable Mutts(Cambridge, Ontario):
(the following is an entry from the Guestbook from our Website, Brenda did call & she is still satisfied with the food, 4 December 1997)  "We just tried your dog food for the past two months & we would like to let you know that it's just great! Both of our dogs love it & we have had no problems with it. I was skeptical at first, I thought it would be a lot of trouble bit it's not. We're hooked! I'll call you later & introduce myself in person."

Laura Kelsch, dog owner & operator 'Animalia Pet Care & Grooming' (Aurora, Ontario):
"I am the owner of Animalia, a pet shop in Aurora, Ontario. We carry a full line of good quality dog foods including the entire Essex Cottage Farms product line. We have been carrying their products for over 3 years now with tremendous success. I had heard about the food & I tried it on my personal dogs because I wanted to be able to control what I fed my dogs. I liked the food so much I decided to approach Catherine about selling it in my shop. She agreed & there has been lots of interest in it here in Aurora. I highly recommend it to clients whose dogs have real digestive problems; it works especially well on dogs with sensitive stomachs. I also find that the more health conscious hands-on dog owner is interested in this product. I wasn't sure how the public would receive the idea of a homemade dog food mix, but there is definitely a demand. We just started carrying the All-Natural "Prepared Dog Biscuit".
My customers are very happy with all the Essex Cottage Farms products we sell.
I am very confident & comfortable with recommending Essex Cottage Farms Health Food Mixes because I have had many veterinarians tell their clients to keep on doing whatever it is they are doing (using ECF Health Food Mixes) because their dogs look terrific,. I am also speaking from first hand experience myself since I use the food & biscuits as well for my purebred dogs.
In this day & age of consumer awareness, I agree that this is the perfect alternative for health conscious consumers."

Mitch owner of Jack a German Shepherd & Sasha a Samoyed (Edmonton, Alberta):
(an entry taken from the Essex Cottage Farms Guestbook)
"Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the great food. Jack & Sasha are doing very well on it. They have nice coats. This is the first time they don't have dandruff! We hope you will get somebody out this way to distribute it, until then, we'll continue getting it direct from you."

M. Walsh owner of a Golden Retriever, (Toronto, Ontario):
"Hi! I would like to report our progress. We have been using the ECF dog food mix for about 2 months now & the results are astonishing. I was skeptical at first, I didn't think a homemade food would make much difference. Well, I was wrong. My dogs look & act great. thank you for your advice, we will be using your dog food from now on. We can't wait to use your new biscuits! Thank you very much."

Janet Flynn, owner of Shiloh the German Shepherd & Casey the Collie/husky cross (Aurora,Ont):
"We were recommended the food by our local pet shop one year ago. Our German Shepherd could never gain weight, he was always too thin & he was having constant anal gland problems. When we changed to the Essex Cottage Farms homemade diet, the anal gland problem cleared up within a month & has not recurred since. He has gained weight & his coat & skin have never been so good, he looks perfect. Casey our collie/husky cross, on the other hand, slimmed down to his correct weight & maintains it easier. They love it!
The only thing we have to say is that we hope Essex Cottage Farms continues to make this wonderful dog food mix because we don't know what we would do without it!
We definitely recommend it to everyone, even our veterinarian applauds the results!
PS They love the biscuits!"

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