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Welcome to the Essex Cottage Farms Dog Bakery Boutique

The Healthy Alternative!

Having a Dog Party?
Hosting a Dog Birthday Party?
                                    You've come to Dog Party Central!
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Perfect Dog Treats from Essex Cottage Farms!

To Our Valued Customers: Essex Cottage Farms  DOES NOT use any foods or ingredients from Menu Foods or any other pet food company.  Our ingredients only come from the finest sources. We do our own blending in small controlled batches under strict supervision, control and testing to ensure purity.  We are in NO way connected to Menu Foods or any of the other commercial pet food companies that have been involved in this massive recall.

20 years ago the founder of our company was not happy with the quality of ingredients that went into commercial pet food. As a result of her determination to feed her champion show dogs the BEST real foods, her path led her to create the Essex Cottage Farms line of all natural premixes. Now you have a safe alternative to feed your pets.
Welcome to our world of real, clean & safe food for dogs, we've been

Introducing Our New Dessert Treat Line of Muffin and Cake Mixes for Dogs!
We are proud to offer your canine companions the most nutritious treat mixes found anywhere.  Full of naturally sourced anti-oxidants, these dessert treats can actually double as meal replacements! 

New & Easy -To-Make!
Our new line of Cake & Muffin Mixes are the perfect finale to every meal.
As fast as 1+2+3 = Decadent, Healthy Perfection!

Nutritious - Sugar-Free!
Delicious? - You bet!  Nutritious? - Absolutely!  Sugar & Preservative Free!
Now you can offer your 4-legged companions delicious dessert that is actually more nutritious than most foods.  Ideal treats for dogs coping with Diabetes!
Our full line of Doggie Dessert Mixes were exquisitely created with your pet's health & well-being in mind - the top quality & care you have come to expect from us.

Try all 4 delicious varieties including our Grain-Free Brownie Mix.
We created these dessert mixes for dogs - not humans!  They are completely sugar-free,  but don't be deceived, they are very healthy & YOUR DOG WILL LOVE THEM!

Serving Suggestions:
Breakfast - Serve an Apple Muffin at breakfast, a great way to start they day...
Snacks & Rewards - Offer a Brownie as a reward for good behavior...
For Dessert -  Make a Carrot Cake & serve as dessert with dinner...
Before Bed - Make Brownies
to serve with some yogurt before bed...
For The Road - Freeze some Muffins or  Brownies & pack in your cooler for those long road trips...
Pack A Lunch -
Take a variety of Muffins, Cake & Brownies in your dog's lunch pail to Doggie DayCare.  Why not make lunch & snack time nutritious as well as delicious?
Dog Parties:  Don't forget the Cake! - Make your party unforgettable, your guests will love a dessert made with one of our mixes! Yum! Yum!
For Meals - Let them eat cake! - Our Desserts double as nutritious meal substitutes, you can feed your pet nothing but dessert for the day - see package details for feeding portions.
Gifts - When visiting friends with dogs, take a dessert mix along with the wine! Our Dessert Mixes make ideal & unique gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life!

Use Daily! - Serve with meals, serve as snacks,  or as an entire meal, you can't go wrong with any of our Dessert Mixes!

1. Old-Fashioned Dutch Apple Muffin Mix (Hypoallergenic):

This unique mix offers a blend of fine ingredients that make delicious & nutritious dog muffin.  Easy-to-make, you simply combine the package with oil, eggs, water & raw meat & bake. Each package makes 12 delicious dog muffins that can be served as dessert with any meal, as a meal (they are totally nutritious) or as snacks or treats.  Made with real apple & a hint of cinnamon, these muffins are a delight to make & serve! The favorite treat of Lilly, our beloved Cavalier!
 Ingredients -
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 2. Carrot Cake Mix (A True Classic):

Made with real carrot & a hint of nutmeg, this mix makes a traditional Carrot Cake that was uniquely modified for dogs.  Nutritious & delicious, it was developed with your dog's health in mind, it contains a unique blend of nutritious & high antioxidant ingredients.  Simply delicious, this is the favorite dog treat of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs of Essex! 

Ingredients: Click Here

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3.  Decadent Carob Fudge Brownie Mix (Grain-Free!):

Created from an award winning "All-American Brownie Recipe', our 'Decadent Carob Fudge Brownie Mix' is an award winner in it's own right!  Simply combine this mix with eggs, oil, water & your choice of ground meat & bake.  Decadent! Scrumptious! Irresistible! Don't be fooled, this mix is full of super nutritious ingredients that make these brownie dog treats as nutritious & digestible as they are delicious.
Recommended favorite by our visitors Jasper & Buckwheat:

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4.  Holiday Cake Mix (a Holiday Tradition):

Developed from a traditional Old World recipe a Holiday Tradition with our Holiday Cake Mix. To be served during the holiday season, it can also be made for any special occasion or even for everyday.  Made with premium food ingredients that you would find in any fine European Bakery, it is delicious, nutritious, highly digestible & can serve as meal replacements: it can be fed daily as a nutritious dog food.

 Ingredients: Click Here

Delicious!  Scrumptious!  Decadent!  Totally Nutritious!

Testimonial: All I can say is WOW!   I've used a lot of different potpourri in my home at holiday time & NOTHING beats the aroma of this cake baking.  My family thought I was making a cake for them.  Needless to say, they were very disappointed that it was for Gunther! I just placed an order for another 6 mixes for Gunther & some for friends.  Top marks for this product!  M. Coleman, NV

Our Doggie Dessert Mixes are the ULTIMATE gift for any Dog in your life!

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